General resources & groups

Rapid Ecology Blog (Note you can submit directly to the blog, or, if you want to submit anonymously, you can do so through me)

Dynamic Ecology Blog

Dr. Tessa Hill’s excellent blog post “We need to talk (about science)”

https://www.aaas.org/pes/communicating-science-resources Basic toolkit from AAAS

http://www.compassonline.org/ Tools and training for scientists communicating with the public, press, and policy makers

List of “practical advice resources” from Bruce Lewenstein

Escape from the Ivory Tower: A Guide to Making Your Science Matter. Washington, DC: Island Press. Randy Olson. (2009).

Useful media communication resources from the American Geophysical union 

http://scicommhub.com/ Compiled resources for science communicators, including a blogroll

Climate change communication

http://climateinterpreter.org/  Resources and tools for climate change communication

http://vischange.org/  Visual resources for informal educators on climate change

http://www.scidev.net/ Training and tutorials for scientists and journalists